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♠ fifteen: fanmix - Sherlock BBC - Maybe I Won't Die Alone

Giving Up The Gun|Vampire Weekend
When I was 17, I had wrists like steel and I felt complete
And now my body fades behind a brass charade and I'm obsolete
But if the chance remains to see those better days, I'd cut the cannons down
My ears are blown to bits from all the rifle hits, but still I crave that sound

Soldier|Ingrid Michaelson
I sit in the back of the bus watching the world go
Watching the world go by all by myself
I took a faithful leap and packed up all my things
And all my love and gave it to somebody else

Distance|Christina Perri
Please don't stand so close to me
I'm having trouble breathing
I'm afraid of what you'll see right now
I'll give you everything I am
All my broken heartbeats
Until I know you'll understand

A Candle's Fire|Beirut
I hit certain from afar, failed to pull my weight
But you were light, we traveled through the fall
To arrive at our front gate
Tonight, we rest beside the fire
A smile upon your face
Just don't forget, a candle's fire is only just a flame

Guns And Horses|Ellie Goulding
You're so quiet
But it doesn't phase me
You're on time
You move so fast, makes me feel lazy

And let's join forces
We've got our guns and horses
I know you've been burned but every fire is a lesson learned

Armchairs|Andrew Bird
In time you need to learn, to love
The ebb just like the flow
Grab hold of your bootstraps, and pull like hell
until gravity feels sorry for you, and lets you go
As if you lack the proper chemicals to know
the way it felt the last time you let yourself fall this low

I Don't Want to Get Over You|The Magnetic Fields
I don't want to get over you
I guess I could take a sleeping pill
And sleep at will
And not have to go through what I go through
I guess I should take Prozac, right,
And just smile all night
At somebody new,
Somebody not too bright
But sweet and kind
Who would try to get you off my mind
I could leave this agony behind
Which is just what I'd do
If I wanted to,
But I don't want to get over you

Boring|The Pierces
Sexy boy, Girl on girl, Manage e trois
Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin

Nothing thrills us
No one kills us
Life is such a chore
When it's Boring.

When U Love Somebody|Fruit Bats
Baby, remember on the bus and my hand was on your knee
When U love somebody it's hard to think about anything but to breathe
Baby, I am the cub who was washed out in the flood
When U love somebody, bite your tongue all you get is a mouthful of blood

Are You Satisfied?|Marina & The Diamonds
Are you satisfied with an average life?
Do I need to lie to make my way in life?

Are you satisfied with an easy ride?
Once you cross the line will you be satisfied?

Romance Is Boring|Los Campesinos!
We are two ships that pass in the night
You and I, we are nothing alike
I am a pleasure cruise, you are gone out to trawl
Return less nets, nothing at all

You're pouting in your sleep, I'm waking still yawning
We're proving to each other that romance is boring
Sure there are things I could do, if I was half prepared to
Prove to each other that romance is boring

Die Alone|Ingrid Michaelson
I never thought I could love anyone but myself.
now I know I can't love anyone buy you.
but you make me think that maybe I won't die alone.
Maybe I won't die alone.

That'll Be The Day|Modest Mouse (Buddy Holly)
That'll be the day - when you say goodbye
that'll be the day - when you make me cry
you say you're gonna leave - you know it's a lie cause
that'll be the day when I die

The Calculation|Regina Spektor
Didn't even know
That love was bigger
Didn't even know
That love was so, so
Hey Hey Hey

Hey this fire it's burnin'
Burnin' us up

End of an Empire|The Henry Clay People
We don't need a future
It was going to happen anyway
Baby oh if we can't stick together, together
It was the end of an empire
Oh yes it was

I, I see what golden oppurtunity
That you, you believe at heart you're a dying breed
Baby, we, we need nothing but each other
We need nothing but each other
Except for maybe some couch for us to sleep.

This mix started out going one direction, but then a bunch of real life things happened, and it ended going another way. Basically the happier songs are from before my mom died and the sadder ones are from after. Sorry if the mix seems disjointed because of this.

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